Fashion moves fast. We do, too.

From the product design to the operational, we apply design thinking process to every aspect of product development – we design and develop our products through understanding end consumers’ needs and pain points. Meanwhile, we embrace new challenges – be it new technology, new business partners and tools while continuing to prioritize craftsmanship and creativity. The world moves fast, but we’re proud to have the vision and energy to stay one step ahead. To us, it is about agility, inventiveness and sustainability.





IP Driven
  • Comfort
  • Shaping
  • Performance
  • Aesthetic


Concept Driven
  • Collection of Product
  • Road Map of Big idea
  • Category Penetration


Design Intent Driven
  • Sourcing
  • Prototyping
  • Tech Design
  • Fit


Product Intent



Our approach

To meet our customers’ unique needs, we mobilize our design and development teams across ideation, concept design and product development.

Our Strategy Think Tank focusses on promoting sustainable growth by identifying new technologies and translating trends into positive, and profitable business decisions. Combining unique technologies, consumer insights and product design acumen, we deliver creative solutions that unlock opportunities and value.

Once equipped with robust design concepts, we optimize our supply chain so we are in the best position to create fresh new products, fast. We innovate to decrease complexity for the entire process development using “smart blocks”, to offer brands of all sizes the opportunity to deliver styles to consumers without compromising quality.

On the horizon

We are inspired and excited to embrace forward-thinking and fashion technology.

Seamless Technology

With consumers valuing comfort, wellbeing and style more than ever before, the future is seamless. Top Form has partnered with global athletic and intimate apparel brands to build a world-class seamless knitting facility in Thailand to harness the growth of this segment.

Fully Bonded Solution

Fully Bonded Solution will be another innovative solution Top Form recently introduced to address consumers’ need on comfort. Other than being highly breathable, the Adhesive Bonding Solution provides flexible all-way stretch, and invisible support to the wearers with ease of movement.

3D Digital Service

Digitalization has always been a buzz word in the fashion industry; the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend and only those companies who are willing to equip their digital and analytics capabilities will emerge better-positioned for the future. Our Company, since 2020, has stepped forward and started partnering with 3D digital solutions company Browzwear to create a more sustainable, and efficient development process with our customers. We believe lead time reduction can be achieved through true-to-life visualizations in virtual samples and digital library. 

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