A key element of Top Form’s sustainability strategy is stakeholder engagement across multiple levels and a range of topics and issues, as well as within functional areas.

We work with and rely on a broad range of people. To identify key stakeholders, we conducted a Stakeholder Analysis in all our units. During the preparation of this report, we approached these identified stakeholders to assess their needs and interests, as well as to identify material aspects.

We aim to respect all of our stakeholders, to perform for their interests, and to create shared value for everyone inside and outside of our company. The table below lists our stakeholder engagement framework, including a list of stakeholder groups, engagement objectives, and methodology adapted.


Engagement Objectives

  • Maintain being their employer of choice
  • Understand their career ambitions and training needs, as well as their job satisfaction parameters


  • Bi-monthly HR meetings
  • Home visits
  • Comment boxes
  • Training programs
  • Monthly EHS meetings


Engagement Objectives

  • Be a good corporate citizen
  • Empower local communities


  • Open dialogue sessions
  • Participation in trainings
  • Community work


Engagement Objectives

  • Anticipate and fulfil expectations
  • Maintain a mutually beneficial relationship


  • Feedback from audits
  • Workshops
  • Meetings


Engagement Objectives

  • Understand expectations
  • Create shared value
  • Attract new investors


  • Shareholder meetings
  • Interim and annual reports


Engagement Objectives

  • Ensure that Top Form’s procurement practice is fair, transparent, and in line with our environmental and social policies


  • Factory visits
  • Performance reviews


Engagement Objectives

  • Exchange valuable ideas and information within the industry
  • Understand the latest updates, requirements, and regulations imposed by the local government


  • Public events
  • Visits
  • Meetings
  • Industry or public seminars

Determining Materiality

As part of our work in sustainable development, we identified a set of focus areas that intersect with our business on a daily basis and guide our thinking as we make day-to-day business decisions.

Many of these areas are associated with our goals, while others represent areas that impact our long-term business and are important to our various stakeholders. These focus areas were identified and validated as part of an assessment in FY2017 based on stakeholder input. This assessment process included:

This assessment process provided us with a greater understanding about the key focus areas on which stakeholders expect us to report, as well as valuable insight to inform our business decision-making. The Materiality Matrix shown below is one of the key outputs of our engagement with stakeholders. We utilized this to help structure our report and ensure that we cover our three key focus areas transparently.



A total of 35 sustainability topics were identified and surveyed, covering environmental, social and economic considerations, based on discussions with our stakeholders.



We discussed the survey results with our stakeholders, CSR Committee, and Executive Committee, whose members assist in driving and support sustainability initiatives at Top Form and then prioritize material topics for strategic improvements.



Stakeholders universally agreed that all topics identified were important. Among these, several material topics were identified and prioritized according to their relevance to Top Form’s future.



The prioritized material aspects were then reviewed and verified by the Executive Directors who are also within the Executive Committee.


Sustainable Manufacturing

  • Climate change and emissions
  • Energy management
  • Waste management
  • Water
  • Responsible supply chain management

Employer of Choice

  • Equal opportunity
  • Worker well-being
  • Education
  • Health, safety, and security
  • Grievance mechanism

Good Corporate Citizen

  • Community engagement

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