Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Leadership is about vision to dare and strategy to execute.
At the helm of Top Form there are professionals who make things happen, leading by example and impacting by inspiring others. After decades in business, they confidently deliver values and solutions, instilling a sense of ownership and belonging across the whole organization. Diverse expertise with a cohesive mission: being catalysts of sustainable growth and transformations.

Executive Director

Mr. Eddie CC Wong

Co-founder and Chairman

Mr. Kevin Wong

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kenneth Wong

Managing Director


Mr. Tony Kwong

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Anny Tse

Chief People Officer

Mr. Michael Allen Lurer

Group Manufacturing Director

Mr. Gary Ng

Group Technology Director

Mr. Eduardo Portabella

Group Technical Director

Mr. Jeffrey So

Vice President - Commercial Operations

Mr. Wong Chor Wai

Planning Director

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