Our Sustainability Governance Structure

Leading by example

A company cannot navigate the future without effective leadership.
Our management and board members are responsible for overseeing risks and opportunities, and for promoting our sustainability objectives by setting practical targets and effective action plans.

  • Board Committees

    Board Committees

    • Oversees the Group’s Sustainability Strategy and sustainability issues
  • CEO


    • Reviewing, endorsing and reporting sustainability priorities and goals to the Board
    • Monitor and advise on the execution of the Sustainability Strategy
    • Report
  • Sustainability Steering Committee

    Sustainability Steering Committee

    • Overseeing, reviewing, and evaluating the Group's sustainability performance
    • Facilitate Management Team and the Board to monitor the progress of Top Form's Sustainability Strategy
  • Sustainability Task Force

    Sustainability Task Force

    • Lead the implementation of programs that are aligned to Top Form's Sustainability Strategy
    • Lead the promotion and communication across the Group in Top Form's Sustainability Strategy
    • Report progress, performance and improvements to Steering Committee bi monthly
  • Local EHS Committee

    Local EHS Committee

    • Execute sustainability projects and complying to Top Form’s Social and Environmental Policies and Standards

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