Our Approach to Sustainability

Top Form plays a critical role in our local communities and we are committed to operating in the highest business and employment standards across all global operations. Led by our vision to be the leading international apparel partner, we closely aligned our Sustainability Strategy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and focus on three Strategic Pillars to guide our activities and drive impact across our business.

Our Strategic Pillars

Save Our Planet

We continue expanding to new frontiers, and as we do, we remain mindful of our operations’ carbon emissions and how we can design more sustainable products for our customers.

Every day, we aim to minimize the resources we consume and the waste we generate, and we look to apply the principles of circular economy wherever possible.


Empower Our People

We wish our people to feel empowered through trust, clear communication in a creative, collaborative and progress-loving environment.

To care for our people, and to ensure we support them in every aspect of their working lives, we uphold high social standards and working conditions, and provide internal development training programs.


Build Our Community

We are passionate about strengthening our local communities with employee volunteer work and community investment. We operate in remote areas that often have limited education and training resources. We strive to create societal value by supporting local education institutions in these communities.


Sustainability in action

Sustainability is part of Top Form DNA, which is shaping our culture and the way we operate. With the mission to protect our environmental and to response to social needs, we urge to nurturing a sustainable culture to bring positive impact to our community, building a cleaner and better tomorrow for our next generation.

Industrial Decarbonization

Top Form continues to reduce carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency by using sustainable technologies and implementing environmental engineering projects such as energy-efficient machines and equipment.


Building Future Leaders

We're passionate about empowering our people to succeed and achieve their best. To us, that starts with an inclusive and diverse workforce. Our employment practices, with opportunities to upskill, develop and train in new career paths, attract talented individuals from all backgrounds.


Health and Safety First

Top Form always prioritizes health and safety of our employees and committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace.


Talents for the Future

Top Form values every young talent. We design and develop two training programs, namely, management trainee program and rotation program to nurture young talents who have high potential in becoming future leaders in Top Form, and in turn provide new energy and positive contribution to the industry.


Supporting Good Causes

Caring for our people and our community is a cornerstone of how we operate. We engage with our communities through a range of activities including sponsorship, charitable donations and other outreach initiatives. In Hong Kong, we have been partnering with the United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service since 2017.


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